Handmade furniture

100% Mexican

We are a handcraft furniture company committed to capture Mexico’s magic and essence.

Artisan Furniture.

We are committed to represent Mexico’s beauty, traditions, landscapes and culture.

With more than a decade of experience, all our products are made with high quality materials, elegant and durable. We seek to satisfy our customers by meeting their expectations and requirements.

Professionals and artisans at heart, we have inherited the gift of making unique art pieces that capture Mexico’s colors, traditions, beauty and magic.

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Furniture Made to Fit.

All our furniture is created by Mexican hands, made to satisfy the needs of our clients. We use high quality materials guaranteeing comfort, durability and elegance.

Decorate your restaurant with authentic Mexican furniture! Know all our products!

Painting Magia y Mueble

Furniture Made to Fit.

All of our furniture is made with the needs of your restaurant in mind. We can include your logo in the design and use colors that combine to make unique pieces that generate an authentic Mexican atmosphere inside your business.

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